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Ittatsu Ryu Hojo Jutsu (一達流捕縄術) is the martial art of Rope Binding, and is officially part of the SMR curriculum. Hojo Jutsu is not usually taught independently.  The current headmaster is Kaminoda Sensei in Tokyo.


There are several ties that exist (such as the two listed below under "Undocumented Ties") but are not considered part of the standard curriculum.


Different types of ropes and capture techniques are described on the websites listed below. In addition some ties can be done with the ties of one`s hakama, and with the "himo" on the Kusarigama.


There is a system of escapes from most of the following ties called: Murai Ha Sumi Kakagoshi.

Several ties require dislocating one`s own shoulder to effect the escape. Kuroda Sensei was known to be able to do them all.




Ties are listed in three series (Gedan, Chudan, and Jodan) which are simply the order that they are taught in.

  • Gedan

    • Ichimonji Haya Nawa

    • Hagai Tsuke Haya Nawa

    • Hitoe Hishi Nawa

    • Shin Hagai Tsuke

    • Yahazu Nawa

    • Sumi Chigai Nawa

    • Shin Tonbo Nawa

    • Happo Karami Nawa

    • Yagura Hishi Nawa

  • Chudan

    • Hishi Haya Nawa

    • Hishi Nawa

    • Jumonji Nawa

    • Bajo Hagai Tsuke Nawa

    • Tonbo Nawa

    • Shin Futae Hishi Nawa

    • Shin Kiko Nawa

    • Yagura Hishi Nawa

  • Jodan

    • Jumonji Haya Nawa

    • Jumonji Haya Nawa

    • Futae Hishi Nawa

    • Kiko Nawa

    • Age Maki Nawa

    • Shin Hagai Tsuke Nawa

    • Munawari Hitoe Hishi Nawa

    • Kiri Nawa

  • Undocumented Ties

    • Hikakure Juji Nawa

    • Mori no Naka Nawa


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