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Ikkaku Ryu Jutte Jutsu is the skill of the forked

truncheon. The jutte was often used for law enforcement

during the Tokugawa Period for disarming and controlling suspects. The short fork near the handle is used for trapping a sword and can actually break the blade. This style also incorporates the Tessen (鉄扇), iron fan.


(The photo on the right is of Kuroda Sensei (Jutte) and

Kaminoda Sensei (Tachi).


右剣 Uken
左剣 Saken
残剣 Zanken
蹴上 Ke Age
一乱剣 Ichiranken
入身 Irimi
一風 Ippu
目当 Me Ate
右刀 Uto
五輪 Gorin
一声 Issei
口伝(霞) Kasumi












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