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Isshin Ryu Kursarigama Jutsu is the martial art of the Chain and Sickle. The kusarigama was integrated into the SMR curriculum by the 24th Headmaster, Shiraishi Hanjiro Shigeaki. Currently, Kaminoda Sensei holds the rank of Shihanke of Isshin Ryu Kusarigama. There are 24 kata plus six advanced kata.


There are many varieties of Kama. The kama used in Isshin Ryu is characterized by its longer chain (Himo) and long, straight, double-edged steel blade. The blade is 31 centimeters long, the wooden handle is 39 centimeters, the hand-guard is made of iron, the chain is

3.6 meters long, and the weight (Fundo) is 110 grams. (The Fundo

varies in weight up to 700grams). There is a kama for training of the same dimensions made of wood, with a rope Himo and leather bag weight.


The kusarigama has a long history, and is one of the most difficult of the supplemental arts in SMR because it requires casting skill. Targets used to be put up in the Rembukan to practice casting.


Just as in SMR it is not enough to know the kata, but to also be skilled at Hikiotoshiuchi, which takes a lot of practice, in the same way it is not enough to learn the kata listed below, but to also be proficient at the basic skill of casting.


Omote and Ura   (Both sets of kata have the same same!)

居敷 Ishiki
添身 Soemi
羽返 Hagaeshi
無眼 Mugan
十文字 Jumonji
振込一文字 Furikomi Ichimonji
振込十文字 Furikomi Jumonji
磯之浪 Isononami
巻落 Maki Otoshi
三所詰 Mitokoro Zume
浮船 Uki Fune
Sode Garame
  Yariai jo
  Yariai ge


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