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Ichiriki  一力

Kata demonstrated by Shimizu Takaji (Jo) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Tachi).




  • Shidachi

    From Tsune no Kamae, walk left-right-left. When the right foot steps forward, change jo to left hand. As the left foot steps forward again, strike the opponent`s forearm.

    Draw back into Hikiotoshi no Kamae. Kuritsuke (as in Ran-ai). Rotate jo vertical and squat trapping the opponent`s hands and pressing the tip of the jo into the abdominal region.

    As the opponent retreats, quickly stand up, and take Hikiotoshi kamae. Hikiotoshiuchi. Osame.



  • Uchidachi 

    Advance with tachi sheathed. As you put your hand on hilt preparing to draw it from the saya, Shidachi strikes your forearm.


    Step back, draw the tachi. From Jodan Kamae, strike.


    Shidachi does Kuritsuke. To escape the trap, start to retreat. You have no time to raise the tachi to jodan kamae before Shidachi strikes. Osame.

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