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Seigan  清眼

Kata demonstrated by Shimizu Takaji (Jo) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Tachi).


Note: Shimizu sensei had severe arthritis in his shoulders when this video was taken making it difficult to do the last strike.




  • Shidachi

    NOTE: very dangerous technique, which is why Seigan is modified in the Seitei Jodo kata.

    Advance in Tsune no kamae.

    Metsuki and strike the forearm.

    Thrust (Gyakutesuki)

    Step back and strike top of Uchidachi`s head, standing on toes (holding jo so that tip is level with your height).

    Sen-no-sen!  When Uchidachi makes a side cut, Shidachi stands on toes and strikes his head at the same time. Ki-ai at the same time.  Osame.


  • Uchidachi 

    Similar to Seitei Jodo kata.

    Advance with sword sheathed.

    Shidachi strikes your forearm, so draw the sword (but Shidachi thrusts into your solar plexus).

    From Jodan Kamae, make a right side cut.

    Watch your head!  Osame.




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