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The Kihon are a set of 12 basic techniques (strikes, blocks, thrusts, etc.) derived

from Kata in order to simplify the learning process and train the body how to move.

Kihon were developed and introduced to the SMR curriculum by Shimizu sensei.


These techniques can be performed from the left and right, forwards and backwards.





Honte Uchi

Basic strike to the head.

Gyakute Uchi

Basic strike to the temple.

Hikiotoshi Uchi

Draw back and strike (usually the forearm or tachi).  There are several variations of this basic strike:

1. Basic grip or reverse overhand grip

2. From the left or right side in Hachijidachi, strike either the left or right side of the tachi


Hikiotoshi Uchi is the strike performed during Uchikomi practice.


Kaeshi Tsuki

Thrust to Suigetsu (upper abdomen just below the sternum)

Gyakute Tsuki

Combination thrust to the throat, and strike to the head

Maki Otoshi

Deflect the strike and brush aside the tachi


Block the strike, then bodytrap


Block the strike, then force them backwards


A Bodycheck combining a blow to the abdomen immediately followed by a punch to the nose.

Tsukihazushi Uchi

From Ichimonji no Kamae, deflect the thrust by lightly "kissing" the tachi with the jo, change hand grip, and strike the tachi. (In real sparring, strike the forearm rather than the tachi.)

Dobarai Uchi

Block the tachi strike aimed at the waist/upper leg, then strike.

Taihazushi Uchi

Just barely avoid the tachi aimed at the head by stepping back, then strike the tachi. (In real sparring, strike the forearm rather than the tachi.)




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