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Kata demonstrated by Shimizu Takaji (Jo) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Tachi).




  • Shidachi

    Face Uchidachi, with body turned 90 degrees right in Hachijidachi. Jo is hidden from sight held vertically at your side.


    As Uchidachi approaches and comes closer to Ma-ai, turn body and tip of the Jo towards Uchidachi.


    Heisokudachi and grip jo with both hands in Gyakute. Left foot steps back in Gyakute kamae at the same time Uchidachi takes kamae.


    Slide back into Hikiotoshi kamae.


    Kuritsuke. Thrust. Hikiotoshi uchi to the head.  Me tsuki. Osame.



  • Uchidachi  (Use Kodachi)

    From Chudan Kamae. Advance in Kodachi Hasso Kamae.

    Left hand stays on your hip the entire kata to keep the long sword (Odachi) out of the way.

    From Jodan Kamae slowly lower the tachi and take Chudan kamae. Raise the tachi to Jodan kamae and strike.

    Step back facing Shidachi to get out of the trap (Kuritsuke). Shidachi thrusts to the solar plexus, and makes a final strike.

    From Gedan no kamae, step back (Musubi dachi) at the same time Shidachi steps forward and finishes Osame.

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