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Neya no Uchi

Kata demonstrated by Shimizu Takaji (Jo) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Tachi).




  • Shidachi

    From seiza with jo on the ground on the right. Kneel on left knee in Gyakute no Kamae as Uchidachi takes Chudan kamae.


    As Uchidachi takes Jodan kamae, Honteuchi and strike the metatarsal region of the upper forefoot. (For safety, strike the ground next to Uchidachi`s foot.) 


    With control raise the jo. Metsuki. Osame (stand up on 3rd move).



  • Uchidachi

    Advance in Hasso kamae. Take chudan kamae as Shidachi takes Gyakute kamae on one knee.

    Initiate the attack by raising the tachi to Jodan kamae (right foot takes 1 full step back).  Before you have the chance to strike, Shidachi strikes with the jo (vital point: the metatarsal region of the forefoot).

    Take a step back. Osame.

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