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Kata demonstrated by Shimizu Takaji (Jo) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Tachi).






  • Shidachi

    From Ichimonji no Kamae, lightly brush aside the Tachi to the left to deflect the thrust. The Jo lightly "kisses" the Tachi.

    Change grip and strike the tachi (in real sparring, strike the forearm). Immediately raise the jo, Me Tsuki.

    Advance two steps, feet together, then take Hikiotoshi no kamae. Strike the tachi. Osame.



  • Uchidachi

    From Chudan kamae, advance in Hasso kamae. When you enter ma-ai, bring the tachi down to the left side. Draw back the tachi close to your side with blade (monouchi) to the left. As you thrust to Shidachi`s solar plexus, turn the blade (causes more damage as it enters the body)

    Shidachi deflects the thrusts and strikes the tachi, so begin to retreat.

    Step back several steps into Hasso kamae. From Jodan kamae, take chudan kamae.  (Shidachi strikes.) Osame.

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