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Kata demonstrated by Shimizu Takaji (Jo) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Tachi).



  • Shidachi

    From Tsune no Kamae, step back and change to Gyakute no kamae, simultaneously lower the jo as Uchidachi takes kamae.


    Right foot crosses over to the left, and strike.


    Draw back the jo, and sweep up catching the tachi at the hilt and do Kuritsuke.


    Kaeshitsuki. Hikiotoshi uchi. Osame.


  • Uchidachi

    From Chudan kamae, advance in Hasso Kamae.  Lower the tachi to Chudan kamae, AT THE SAME TIME Shidachi takes kamae.


    Block Shidachi`s strike: Left foot steps right horizontally, right foot steps forward, and raise the tachi perpendicular above forehead.


    Left foot steps forward, and make a cut to the left (target is the trapezius and neck). However, Shidachi does Kuritsuke. Step back facing toward Shidachi (who thrusts).


    Step back again to avoid the strike.  Osame.


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