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Kata demonstrated by Shimizu Takaji (Jo) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Tachi).




  • Shidachi

    From Tsune no Kamae, place the jo vertically on ground directly in front of body. Why? This is a warning for Uchidachi not to advance beyond the jo.


    Avoid the Tachi strike by stepping back to the right. Swing the jo around in an "egg shape" and strike the forearm, with tip of jo pressed against abdominal region.


    Quickly pursue, and strike (Honteuchi) Uchidachi`s left forearm. Me Tsuki. Osame.


    Note: The first strike to the forearms will break the radius, the second strike will break the ulna.


  • Uchidachi

    Take Chudan kamae.


    Advance in Hasso no kamae. At Ma-Ai, raise tachi to Jodan no kamae, and strike Shidachi.


    Immediately take a large step back, raise tachi in Jodan no kamae.


    Step back (Musubi dachi) in Gedan no Kamae at the same time Shidachi steps forward and finishes Osame.


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