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Ran-Ai means "Disorder to Harmony" and is a synthesis of Omote and Chudan techniques learned by intermediate students.  Click below to view both versions of this kata:



Odachi no Ran-Ai




Odachi no Ran-Ai Description

  •  Shidachi

    Advance with tachi sheathed. Move to draw the tachi from the scabbard, but you are stopped by Shidachi. 


    As Shidachi presses Jo into your lumbar region, step back and quickly draw the tachi.


    Strike from Jodan kamae. (Blocked by Shidachi who does Kuritsuke).  Trapped in Kuritsuke, see the chance to make a cut to the legs.


    Slide back slightly, and cut from the left. (Blocked by Dobarai). Step back into Hasso no Kamae.


    From Jodan kamae, cut to the right (Blocked by Shidachi). Tachi is struck down by Shidachi. Step back, right step again, and cut to the left (Again blocked by Shidachi who presses Jo into your lumbar region.)


    Block Shidachi`s strike by turning tachi perpendicular above forehead, and stepping back 1 step. Advance two steps, and make a left cut to the hips. (Shidachi thrusts).


    Recover, Hasso no kamae. Strike from Jodan no kamae. (Shidachi does Kuri Hanashi.) Body turns away while continuing to look at Shidachi.  Recover, and with left foot forward as is, make a single-hand right cut to the hips. Right foot steps forward, into Chudan Kamae.


    Take 2 steps back. Hasso no kamae (avoiding Shidachi`s strike). Make a right cut. (Shidachi strikes your forearm).


    Slide back slightly, turn the blade and make a left cut to the legs. (Shidachi does Dobarai uchi).  From Jodan kamae, strike Shidachi`s head (Shidachi blocks in mid-air)


    You are unable to recover, before Shidachi strikes your chest.  Turn slightly toward Shidachi. Osame.


  • Uchidachi

    Advance in Tsune no kamae. Threaten Uchidachi with tip of jo under chin ("Stick up the ass"!)  Feet together and left hand grips jo in the middle below right hand. Right foot steps back, Sasae no Kamae, and press jo into right lumbar region.


    Hikiotoshi kamae. Push tip of jo forward to threaten Uchidachi. Kuritsuke (with back turned) and push hands away from own body to effectively trap Uchidachi. 


    Dobari (block the cut to the leg). Hikiotoshi no kamae. Sasae no kamae, and thrust to right lumbar region.


    Hikiotoshi no kamae. Gyakute strike to temple. Change grip and strike the tachi.


    Again Sasae no kamae, and thrust right lumbar region (as Uchidachi strikes).


    Hikiotoshi kamae and strike (honte). Uchidachi blocks, so press hard against tachi.  Two steps back. Avoid the cut, by stepping back, jo overhead (stand on toes). Come down and thrust to solar plexus.


    Hikiotoshi kamae. Kuri hanashi. Hikiotoshi kamae. Honte no kamae. Advance (Suriashi 2 steps). Swing jo and strike taking full left step. Raise jo, changing feet, come down again and strike the forearm.


    Dobarai uchi: block cut to your legs and big strike from directly overhead.


    Wait (deceive Uchidachi into thinking you are slow to recover). Strike the tachi in mid-air (Sen no sen)


    Hasso no kamae.  (Wait, no hurry). Strike the chest (NOTE: strike the chest for safety)

    Me Tsuki. Osame.


Kodachi no Ran-Ai

Kata performed by Shimizu Takaji (Shidachi) and Kuroda Ichitaro (Uchidachi).




Kodachi no Ran-Ai Description

  • Shidachi


  • Uchidachi




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