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Rei-Ho is the formal, ceremonial etiquette performed at the start and finish of a training session.


Traditionally, kata training starts and ends with Kasari, It is done in a crouched position called, Iaigoshi.  Why?  Originally, practice was never done inside of a nice, clean dojo. Training was done out in the fields. Therefore, it is a formal bow without having to get down on your knees in Seiza.   Remember that Jodo is practical and effective!  There is a reason for everything you do.


When performing Kasari, always maintain eye contact with your partner. Why?  Zanshin

Keep your eyes and 100% of your concentration on your opponent at all times.  Many people make the mistake of relaxing and losing focus before and after a kata.  Even while doing "Osame" I have had partners that relaxed their concentration and even started goofing around.


Jo and Tachi are both weapons.  Never let down your guard.  Always be watching.  Stay focused.  Uchidachi is always looking for a way to get the advantage over Shidachi.  Likewise, Shidachi is always looking for a way to "Bonk" Uchidachi.  


Kasari is also performed in all Fuzoku Ryuha, assimilated martial arts.




At the start of practice:

  • Uchidachi (Sword Wielder) and Shidachi (Jo Wielder)

    • Squatting in Iaigoshi, with both arms vertical fingertips touching the ground palms facing inward, maintain eye contact with your opponent at all times.


    • Uchidachi and Shidachi stand up at the same time, and approach each other.


    • Again, squat in Iaigoshi, and pick up your respective weapon.


    • Uchidachi retreats 3-5 steps in Gedan no Kamae.


    • Shidachi picks up Jo keeping the tip of the Jo pointed at Uchidachi between the eyes. Stand up in Tsune no Kamae, and retreat 3-5 steps.

At the finish of practice:

  • Uchidachi and Shidachi:

    • Uchidachi advances in Gedan no Kamae and makes a strike from the left side.


    • Shidachi advances and blocks the strike by doing the first movement of Dobarai Uchi.


    • With the weapons crossed as they are, both Uchidachi and Shidachi squat into Iaigoshi at the same down, and gently place their weapons on the ground (Jo beneath Tachi, of course).


    • (Note: The only reason why Jo is beneath Tachi that I am aware of is to protect the sword blade by keeping it off the ground.)


    • Still squatting with both arms vertical fingertips touching the ground palms facing inward, Uchidachi and Shidachi maintain eye contact at all times.


    • Standing up at the same time, retreat 3-5 steps and again bow in the manner described above.


    • As Shidachi waits, Uchidachi walks forwards, squats to pick up both weapons, tucks them under arm.


    • Uchidachi stands up and puts the weapons away in their proper place, and Shidachi follows along behind Uchidachi.


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