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Uchikomi is repetitive practice of Hikiotoshi uchi, striking the tachi with spirit and power. 


If you want to know if you are doing a "good" Hikiotoshi uchi, then LISTEN. 


A good hikiotoshi does not "WHACK" the tachi, which makes a loud noise but is weak and ineffective.  Rather, the jo should "glide" down the tachi.  If you listen closely, you will hear the difference.


Sounds dorky, but it works!  If you want to know if you`re doing GOOD uchikomi, just LISTEN.


Why is this the most effective way to strike?  Think Isaac Newton. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." 


If you simply "whack" the tachi, the force of the jo hitting the tachi, causes an equal and opposite force from the tachi as it meets the jo.  The tachi will move. However, the reactional force, causes the jo to come to a standstill that is hard to quickly recover from. The applied force has been stopped by the reactional force, and the the jo wielder will first absorb the shock of the impact, then waste precious moments recovering kamae. 


However, when you strike and the jo glides down the tachi blade, you encounter no opposite reactional force.  The full power of your strike WILL put the tachi where ever you decide to put it. An effective and strong uchikomi will often strike the tachi out of the tachi wielder`s grip.


Uchikomi is a fundamental and versatile skill that takes time to master. Uchikomi can be done in Honte or Gyakute grip, left or right, or you can reverse directions and strike the opposite side of the tachi, taking your opponent by surprise. 





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