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Koryu (古流)

 Literally translated as "Old Flow," this term refers to the Classical Martial Arts. 


The beginning of the Meiji period (1872) prohibited the practice of martial arts for combat.  As a result, "Gendai-bu", was created.  The Gendai-bu are the modern version of martial arts based on classical combative arts. 


Koryu, or Kobudo, are martial arts that have preserved their original form, and still stress the practical and traditional warrior traditions. Koryu is a skill. Whereas, Gendai-bu primarily focus on martial arts as a mental and spiritual discipline.


-Jutsu (術) -Do (道)
Ju-jutsu Judo
Ken-jutsu Kendo
Aiki-jutsu Aikido
Jo-jutsu Jodo



Jodo is Unique

Within a particular martial art there are several, if not hundreds of "Ryu" (流), or schools. 


It was common for students of a Ryu who excelled to begin teaching.  However, their way of teaching incorporated their own style and interpretation of techniques.  This is called a "Ha".  Eventually, a "-ha" may become a "-ryu". 


However, as one of the oldest martial arts traditions, Jodo only has one school:  Shinto Muso Ryu. 


Today Shinto Muso Ryu is fragmented and divided. Most dojos operate independently of each other.  Since Shimizu Sensei`s death, the absence of a headmaster has resulted in discord and confusion.

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