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  ZNKR Seitei Jodo Curriculum

  • Kihon







  • Shidachi

    Take kamae (right foot steps back, raise jo and "shield the sun from your eyes").


    As Uchidachi enters ma-ai, bring feet together in heisoku dachi, lower the jo and take Gyakute no kamae.


    Gyakute uchi. Me tsuki.


    Slide back into Hikiotoshi kamae. Tai Atari.


    Hikiotoshi Kamae. Kuritsuke. Thrust. Hikiotoshi uchi. Me tsuki. Osame.



  • Uchidachi

    From Chudan kamae, advance in Hasso kamae. From Jodan kamae, lower the tachi to chudan kamae AT THE SAME TIME Shidachi takes kamae.


    (Shidachi strikes). Recover, Jodan kamae and strike. (Shidachi does Tai atari). Take a few SMALL steps back. Hasso kamae.


    Strike from Jodan kamae (this time Shidachi does Kuritsuke.) Step back to get out of the "trap" turning slightly towards Shidachi. Step back (but NOT TOO FAR!) as Shidachi thrusts. Step back again as Shidachi strikes. Osame.

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