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  ZNKR Seitei Jodo Curriculum

  • Kihon








  • Shidachi

    Place Jo vertically before you as a warning to the opponent to come no further than the jo.

    Right step to avoid the strike; swing the jo up and around and strike the forearm.


    Quickly pursue uchidachi and strike the forearm (in Jodan kamae)

    Metsuki. Osame.


  • Uchidachi

    From Chudan Kamae, take Hasso Kamae and advance left foot first.


    From Jodan kamae, strike Shidachi (stop the cut at neck height).


    Step back with right foot, and raise tachi to Jodan kamae.


    Lower tachi to Gedan kamae.


    Step back to Musubi dachi as Shidachi finishes Osame.

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